For the Parents

Easy Campus Access

Living close to campus always makes getting to class on time easier. Our unique location provides variety of alternatives to parking on campus.  The sidewalks along Chautauqua are super wide making it easier to get to class. Norman’s public transit system, CART, has three university routes with a major CART stop located just 600 feet away.

Rent: What’s Included?

We offer a number of leasing terms for your student’s needs. Monthly rent can be paid online, by mail or in person. All utilities are included in the monthly rent including a fully furnished unit, electricity allowance, cable, high-speed Internet, WiFi hotspots and water. Since each bedroom suite is individually leased, you only have to worry about your child’s space, nothing else!


Our not so COMMON amenities were created to help your student succeed. Multiple areas are located throughout the property that can be used as study spaces including the social lounge and media room. The media room has computer and printer access. Custom built-in desks are in every bedroom. Our amenities also feature an array of recreational resources including a fitness room, pool, and a rooftop terrace.

Tech Savvy Living

Our living spaces and common areas are all equipped with high speed Internet including WiFi hotspots for easy access while studying. Our media room is a common area located on the fourth floor and offers computer access and printing for studying around the clock.

Private Access

The development is a gated community with security cameras and two-factor authentication for access.